foundation bolt fastener

Embedded parts (prefabricated parts) are the components that are pre-installed (buried) in concealed works. They are the structural parts that are placed when the structure is poured, and are used for the overlap of the superstructure. In order to facilitate the installation and fixation of the foundation of external engineering equipment. Most embedded parts are made of metal, such as steel or cast iron, and non-metallic rigid materials such as wood and plastic can also be used.
Embedded parts
It is to leave a member made of steel plates and anchoring ribs in the structure for the purpose of connecting structural members or non-structural members. For example, it can be used as a connecting piece for post-process fixing (such as doors, windows, curtain walls, water pipes, gas pipes, etc.). There are many places where the concrete structure is connected with the steel structure.
Embedded pipe
Leave pipes in the structure (commonly steel pipes, cast iron pipes or PVC pipes) to pass through pipes or leave passages for equipment services. For example, it is used to wear various pipelines in the later period (such as strong and weak electricity, water supply, gas, etc.). Commonly used for reserved holes for pipes on concrete wall beams.
Embedded bolt
It is in the structure that the bolts are pre-buried in the structure at a time, and the bolt thread left on the upper part is used to fix the component, which plays a role in connecting and fixing. It is common to reserve bolts for equipment.

Post time: May-12-2020
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