hollow anchor bolt

The function of the hollow gecko is the same as that of the screw. It is used when self-tapping screws and expansion screws are not suitable. For example, in the light steel frame partition wall hanging problem, the self-tapping screw cannot be used because of the insufficient screw grip of the panel, and the hollow structure in the wall cannot use the expansion screw, and the use of the pull nail can get a good Effect.

· Product material: carbon steel and cold-rolled plate, screw head type can be divided into pan head cross ring hook type, right angle hook type, sheep eye ring shape.
· Used as base material: gypsum board, gypsum iron board, iron cement board, light wood particle board, hard iron board, high-altitude ceiling masonry.
· Suitable for fixing: lamps, bookshelves, skirting boards, switches, curtain chutes for hanging cabinets,
· During the process of re-decoration, it will not affect the movement and replacement of the facility. Special tools can be used to quickly install without affecting the surface finish.

Nowadays, most houses are high-rise buildings. In order to reduce the load-bearing capacity of the house, the internal wall partitions of the house generally use the new materials, “hollow bricks, hollow walls, hollow prefabricated panels, etc.”, and heavy objects are installed on the hollow walls. LCD TVs, wall-mounted TVs, air-conditioned indoor units, heavy partitions, water heaters, large picture frames, heavy cabinets, etc. The need for load-bearing brackets has become a problem that plagues everyone. Heavy-duty elbow bolts and hollow wall expansion bolts solve this well. problem
Heavy-duty elbow bolts, hollow wall expansion bolts,
Our company’s products are fast to install and easy to use.
For the installation of different products for hollow walls, bearing different weights, and different wall thicknesses, the second generation of hollow wall expansion screws, heavy-duty elbow bolts, hollow wall expansion bolts, new hollow wall expansion bolts are longer and stronger Plastic straps, now working on different hollow walls with a base material of 10-92mm thick, will not be like other plastic expansion tubes. The new hollow wall heavy-duty expansion bolts can solve all your problems because of the nature of the wall (gypsum board, hollow brick, hollow Prefabricated panels, etc.) Thickness, the weight of different objects. The maximum load can be up to 150 kg. Heavy-duty elbow bolts and hollow wall expansion bolts can be a good solution for everyone to install heavy objects on hollow walls, LCD TVs, wall-mounted TVs, indoor air conditioners, water heaters, large photo frames, and load-bearing brackets , Cabinets and other appliances.

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